Posts from June 2019

Monday Musings 24th June 2019

Dear people of faith, We commence the ‘Green time’, the long season to Advent, the time when we focus on growth in faith and our Christian habits to enable that growth. I encourage everyone to be part of a small group that is regularly looking at the Bible and the Word of God, Jesus Christ, […]

Monday Musings 17th June 2019

Dear People of Faith, God dwells in creation as the living community of Creator, Wisdom and Spirit. God, in three persons, dwells within each of us, makes his home in us, God’s community in us – Jesus is quite clear in his teaching about this extraordinary phenomenon. How then do we live as a people […]

Monday Musings 10th June 2019

Dear People of Faith, May the Spirit be with you! The culmination of the Easter season is upon us; the promise of God to be with us always is celebrated; the gift of Christ’s life, death and resurrected life bring us real joy; the call of that life to follow him, to go out and […]