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Monday Musings 15th July 2019

Dear people of faith, We are called, as was the good Samaritan, to live lives that build relationships on love and justice, to enable communities to flourish. At the heart of this is taking responsibility in the community we are part of – to realise we have a role to play for the common good […]

Monday Musings 8th July 2019

Dear people of faith, Jesus sent out the disciples, in pairs, to go before him – so they were encountering people who had not yet met Jesus. It is like ‘Discipleship101’ training – take nothing with you but your heart for Jesus; invite people to meet him through you; and in the reality that any […]

Monday Musings 30th June 2019

Dear people of faith, Exciting development with high school students and older: from Term 3, (21 July) on the Teaching Sundays of the month, the older children/youth are invited to form a group while the sermon time is on. We will meet in the Atrium and discuss the readings of the day, and look ahead […]

Monday Musings 24th June 2019

Dear people of faith, We commence the ‘Green time’, the long season to Advent, the time when we focus on growth in faith and our Christian habits to enable that growth. I encourage everyone to be part of a small group that is regularly looking at the Bible and the Word of God, Jesus Christ, […]