Quiet Mornings with Patrick Oliver

What did Jesus mean when he said ….

Jesus said puzzling things and, at times, referred to the end of the world.  These three quiet mornings at the Old Friary will explore some of the language and sayings Jesus used which can be difficult to interpret, such as the phrase “The Kingdom of God”. During this Lenten period,
exploring these sayings can help us to prepare for the momentous events of Easter. See the detailed program at the foot of this article.

Patrick Oliver

Saturday March 7th  9:30am – 12:45pm
Saturday Mar 21st  9:30am – 12:45pm
Saturday April 4th 9:30am – 12:45pm

Venue: The Old Friary- Brookfield Centre, 139 Brookfield Rd, Kenmore

Ph: 3378 9189; Email: Marianne: office@kenbrookang.org.au to register, or just come along. (No charge, but a donation is appreciated.)

Who is Patrick Oliver?

Dr Patrick Oliver has been a renowned Spiritual Director in Brisbane for many years. His Doctorate centred on the mystical approach to reading the scripture. Patrick has spent the past 35 years accompanying people on their
spiritual journeys, especially how they have related to God over the years, and how this has grown and matured. More information about Patrick can be found on his webpage at: patrickoliver.net.au

Quiet Mornings Program

Week One, March 7: The “Kingdom of God”
Jesus talks a lot about his Father’s” Kingdom”. What might he mean by such a term, and what are the implications for us 20 centuries later, in terms of how we live and the shape of our social and economic systems? What does it mean to bring the awareness of Jesus into our personal prayer?

Week Two, March 21: Puzzling sayings of Jesus
No wonder many of Jesus’ followers gave up on following him, convinced that he was “out of his mind” (ref. Mark 3:21). He said so many unusual and confronting things, which seem so puzzling and even offensive to our ears – for example, “you must hate your mother and father”. Can we make some sense of these sayings, and if so, how can we apply them in our lives?

Week Three, April 4: Why read the Book of the Apocalypse?
Jesus not only spoke in parables, but he also used what is called “apocalyptic language”. He talks about the end of the world, of stars falling from heaven, and one taken from the fields while the other is left. The very last book of the bible is the Book of Revelation, or of the Apocalypse. Such writing can seem very scary, or at best esoteric. Can we glean some wisdom from such writings, and in this time of Lent, apply something to our Easter journey?