Christian Baptism – a welcome and time of joy

Baptism is the formal act of welcoming people of any age into the membership of God’s family.  It is a joyous and significant event, surrounded by family and loved ones, and the faith community.


Baptism in the Anglican Church

We believe that baptism is a gift of our Lord Jesus Christ who himself was baptised.  Baptism with water, in the three-fold name of God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is accepted as Christian baptism by the mainstream churches worldwide.  That is, we are not baptised into a denomination.  For infant/children baptisms, sponsors/Godparents are chosen by the parents to carry the promises for the child until they are of an age to be confirmed in those promises.


A sacrament with symbols

In baptism, we use the symbols of water (new life), light (to be Christ’s light in the world) and marking the cross on the forehead with oil (anointing).  This is because baptism is a sacrament of the church – so we accept the mystery of what we are doing through the signs of our faith understanding.


Inquiries and bookings

If you would like more information, or to arrange a baptism,  please email us on

or phone us on 07 3378 9189.

If you would like to speak to Rev’d. Jan Crombie, the parish priest, please phone her direct 0439 222 112.


Is there a fee for baptism?

There is no fee charged for baptisms.  However, donations towards the work of the church are always gratefully received.


Adult baptism, and confirmation

Baptism as adults is also available, and follows a different preparation than infant baptism. Please contact Rev’d. Jan, the parish priest, if you have inquiries about adult baptism, and/or confirmation.