Sermons by Neville Eckersley

Right Relationship with God

  Today Dr. Neville Eckersley reflects on how our faith can create the right relationship with God. Pentecost 10, Year A at Holy Spirit church, Kenmore-Brookfield parish. Readings; Genesis 37.1-4 and 12-28. Psalm 105. 1-6 and 16-22. Romans 10. 4-15. Matthew 14. 22-36.   The writings of Saul of Tarsus, whom we know better as […]

Pentecost Three 21st June 2020

Good morning everyone. Many will be relieved that I will not be mentioning COVid 19 this morning though it is vital as an issue at the moment and we have needed to hear much about it in other situations. Instead we are going to focus on one of the most puzzling and misunderstood sayings of […]

The Road to Emmaus

Our gospel reading from Luke is the well-know story of the Easter morning walk to Emmaus. Luke has given us a carefully crafted story, both simple and profound, written in such a way that we are invited to join with those journeying. What will we learn by going on this walk with them? We will […]

Love One Another

Through today’s sermon Neville Eckersley reminds us of the exhortation of Jesus to his disciples, and through the ages to us, to love one another. That is how others will know we are His disciples.    

Resurrection – An idea worth living for

Today Neville takes the Gospel reading John 21:1-19 and explores just how Jesus’ resurrection changes everything. It changed everything for Simon Peter, wiping away his three denials of Jesus with three affirmations of love for his master and friend. It changed everything for Paul on the road to Damascus. It changes everything for us through […]