Sermons (Page 7)

Resurrection Faith

Revd Geoff Reeder has read the Gospel (John 20: 19-31) and commenced the sermon when the recording begins.  He examines how Jesus appeared to the disciples and then how Thomas sees and feels the truth of the risen Lord, and the lesson in this for us today. Enjoy Rev Geoff’s sharing of his night driving […]


Following the Gospel reading for today (Luke 13:1-9), Revd Jan Crombie gives the sermon on repentance, returning to God, and the parable of the fig tree. The other readings for today are: Genesis 5:1-12,17-18, Psalm 27 and Philippians 3:17- 4:1.


The Rev Jan Crombie reads todays gospel (Luke 4:1-15) about Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness. She then gives the sermon on looking inward…some might say, the longest journey of all.

Blessings and Trust

The recording starts with todays Gospel reading (Luke 6: 17-26) and then Revd Jan expands on the theme of blessings and trust.  The other readings for today are: Jeremiah 17:5-10, Psalm 1 and 1 Corinthians 15:12-20.


This recording starts with Rev Bill Crossman reading todays gospel (Luke 5:1-11) about Jesus and the fishermen, he then goes on to explain it’s meaning.

Confusion about Christmas

Revd Geoff Reeder examines some of the confusion around Christmas and whether God had been moved to the periphery rather than the centre of the event.  He then looks at what we must do.  The readings for today are: Zephaniah 3: 14-20, Song of Isaiah, Philippians 4: 4-7 and Luke 3: 7-18.

Repentance, Messenger, ….

The recording starts with the Gospel reading (Luke 3:1-6) then Revd Jan Crombie expands on four themes; Repentance, Messenger, Prophesy and Day of the Lord.  The other readings for today are Malachi 3: 1-4, Song of Zechariah and Philippians 1: 1-11.

Christ the King

The recording starts with Revd David Dean reading the gospel for today (John 18: 33-37). He then proceeds to expand on the topic “Christ the King” and how it affects our lives.  The other readings for today are: 2 Samuel 23:1-7, Psalm 132:1-12 and Revelation 1:4b-8.