Sermons from June 2019

Chariots of Fire

Reverend Timothy starts with the Gospel of Luke 9:51-62 and then references “chariots of fire” to examine the faith, hope and good works of Elijah, and then the persistent Elisha, in realisation of his own calling to continue God’s work.

Dealing with our own demons

  Today Revd Jan draws together elements of the following readings to reflect on how our relationship with Jesus can help us deal with those destructive inner demons that seem to assail so many in this current age. Related Readings: 1 Kings 19:1-4, 8-15a Galations 3: 10-14, 23-29 Luke 8: 26-39  

The Trinity – A Perfect Relationship

On Trinity Sunday Melissa shares with us just her second formal sermon as a First Year Theology student. Her theme of relationships in the context of the Holy Trinity flows wonderfully from the heart and reminds us that whilst human relationships cannot hope to match the perfection of the unity of God the Creator, Jesus […]

What’s Next papa?

Today in celebration of Pentecost, Rev’d Jan explores the notion that the Holy Spirit within each of us beckons us forward to use the gifts we are given- “there are things to do and places to go!”