Sermons from June 2020

Pentecost Four 28th June 2020

READINGS of the DAY Genesis 22: 1-14 Psalm 13 Romans 6: 12-23 Matthew 10: 40-42 SERMON  +In the name of God, Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Amen. Good morning everyone. The Lord be with you. In the Gospel reading today we heard Jesus’ final words of encouragement to the twelve as he commissions them as […]

Pentecost Three 21st June 2020

Good morning everyone. Many will be relieved that I will not be mentioning COVid 19 this morning though it is vital as an issue at the moment and we have needed to hear much about it in other situations. Instead we are going to focus on one of the most puzzling and misunderstood sayings of […]

Pentecost Two 14th June 2020

  Reading – Matthew 9: 35- 10:8 This is a pivotal passage in Matthew’s Gospel. Up until now it has all been about Jesus’ ministry, travelling around Galilee teaching, preaching and demonstrating who He is, by miracles of healing diseases, and casting out demons. Wouldn’t it have been an amazing experience to have heard and […]

Trinity Sunday 7th June 2020

Asking the new parish curate to preach on Trinity Sunday is a time-honoured tradition around the world. The conventional wisdom seems to be that Trinity Sunday is a good day for clergy to avoid preaching, because it’s the one Sunday of the year devoted to a church doctrine rather than something Jesus said or another […]