Faith Daily 27th June 2020

Dear people of faith,
Great recipe today – as well as reflection. Thank you Helen, thank you Kathy.
Do pop into Holy Spirit today between 12-2pm for joining in some filming.
And do watch SpiritLife this Sunday when ‘city meets country’ and we share the worship with our community in Christ in Mitchell.
Have a lovely day; blessings; Rev’d. Jan


Collect for the Week
Almighty and everlasting God,
you are always more ready to hear than we to pray,
and give more than either we desire or deserve:
pour down upon us the abundance of your mercy,
forgiving us those things of which our conscience is afraid,
and giving us those good things
which we are not worthy to ask,
save through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ,
your Son our Lord. Amen APBA p.554

GOSPEL for the Day: Matthew 8: 5-17

5 When he entered Capernaum, a centurion came to him, appealing to him 6 and saying, “Lord, my servant is lying at home paralyzed, in terrible distress.” 7 And he said to him, “I will come and cure him.” 8 The centurion answered, “Lord, I am not worthy to have you come under my roof; but only speak the word, and my servant will be healed. 9 For I also am a man under authority, with soldiers under me; and I say to one, ‘Go,’ and he goes, and to another, ‘Come,’ and he comes, and to my slave, ‘Do this,’ and the slave does it.” 10 When Jesus heard him, he was amazed and said to those who followed him, “Truly I tell you, in no one in Israel have I found such faith. 11 I tell you, many will come from east and west and will eat with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven, 12 while the heirs of the kingdom will be thrown into the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” 13 And to the centurion Jesus said, “Go; let it be done for you according to your faith.” And the servant was healed in that hour.

14 When Jesus entered Peter’s house, he saw his mother-in-law lying in bed with a fever; 15 he touched her hand, and the fever left her, and she got up and began to serve him. 16 That evening they brought to him many who were possessed with demons; and he cast out the spirits with a word, and cured all who were sick. 17 This was to fulfill what had been spoken through the prophet Isaiah, “He took our infirmities and bore our diseases.”

REFLECTION on the Gospel: contributed by Kathy Allen

Without being asked, Jesus immediately offers to cure the servant of a soldier who has such faith and humility that he will not allow Jesus to come to his house. Notice that there is no bargaining, no “If you do this for me, then I will consider believing in you.” Jesus accepts the soldier’s absolute belief in Him. Jesus goes on to cure Peter’s mother-in-law and then, as night falls, cures all those who are brought to him in faith. Notice how the mother-in-law begins to serve Jesus immediately. Perhaps this shows that her wellness was not a reward for faith but a demonstration of her gratitude and faithfulness.

This passage explores Jesus’ healing powers as a way of awakening and strengthening faith. He heals by touch and by word. The soldier’s faith is already strong and his gratitude is implicit; he asks not for himself but for his servant. Jesus recognises both his faith, when he calls him worthy of sitting with the prophets, and his ‘otherness’, that he was a Gentile new to the faith. Jesus then heals someone in his own circle who rises to serve him demonstrating explicit faith. Later He heals the spirits of people who He does not know who come to His door in faith.

Faith is the path that Jesus sets for us. Here He demonstrates that faith can transform and heal.

Do you ever find yourself bargaining with Jesus? Do you ever wait to be asked when you see something or someone needing help? Does reward for service come before gratefulness in service? How would you ask to be healed?

Final Prayer : Cyril of Alexandria, Bishop and Teacher d.444

Almighty God,
who enlightened your Church
by the teaching of your servant Cyril of Alexandria:
enrich it evermore with your heavenly grace
and raise up faithful witnesses
who, by their life and teaching,
may proclaim the truth of your salvation;
through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and forever. Amen.
[A prayer for Teachers of the Faith: Exciting Holiness p.602]

Coordinated by the Tuesday Eucharist group

Lockdown Treats
Submitted by Helen MacRonald
During the lockdown I have been blessed by being able to help out friends and family by cooking for them.

I have always used cooking, baking and preparing of meals as a stress relief, the feeling of making something for someone else grounds me and all that I do and love. Over this time, it has been great to reconnect with people, taking the time to drop in a box of goodies to brighten their day.

One of my favourites over this time has been making boxes of ‘Not School” morning tea. I have found all kinds of biscuit and slice recipes with peanuts (banned at all schools), seeds, chocolate and jam.

With each box of goodies I have asked for something in return – a photo of the kids or adults enjoying their morning tea or lunch-time snack or a drawing from their day and the swapping of the boxes has meant contact – if even from afar.

This recipe (when flour was accessible) has been the favourite amongst everyone and the most commonly requested.

Jam Shortbread Slice

300g softened butter
120g caster sugar
2 tsp vanilla
1 large egg yolk
500g plain flour (wholemeal or white)
400g raspberry jam (or jam of your choice)

1. Heat oven to 180C / 160C fan.
2. Line a 20 x 30 cm baking tray with baking paper.
3. Beat the butter, caster sugar, vanilla and egg together with an electric mixer until pale.
4. Stir in the flour with a good pinch of salt using a wooden spoon or your hands. Bring everything together into a crumbly dough.
5. Press half of the dough unto the base of the tin as evenly as possible. Spread the jam over the top leaving a 1 cm border all around the edges.
6. Crumble over the remaining shortbread mixture, pat down softly so as not to disturb the jam.
7. Bake for 35 minutes until golden. Leave to cool in tin, then cut into squares.

Share with friends over a cuppa.