Mon day Musings 2nd September 2019

Dear people of faith,

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today and forever.” Fact. Our own relationship with Jesus though changes from yesterday, today and into the future. Our hope and prayer is that our relationship becomes deeper, more trusting, more joyful, and – brave words for Anglicans – more adventurous as we explore who he really is, and what he asks of us.

Today’s teaching asks of us humility; a gift we cannot attain except through living as Christ calls – putting others first, with no expectation of acknowledgement that we have done this. Jesus does not want martyrs, victims or false humility. How hard it can be… and how reassuring to hear the words from Hebrews, echoed from Psalm 118 “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can anyone do to me?”

With blessings for your week; Jan