Monday Musings 16th March 2020

Dear people of faith,
How we look to Jesus, the well of living water, as the woman did in this week’s Gospel story from John. The conversation between Jesus and the woman is deep and powerful – through it all he is teaching her, and us, the power of God’s love. May we be encouraged to engage in such conversations ourselves – which is good connection into next week, National Neighbour Day. Auspiced by Relationships Australia the day is a call to notice our neighbours, know our neighbours and practise hospitality and neighbourliness.

In these troubled times, this is even more important – to look out for each other. So, invite someone to community morning tea next week, at both our churches. 10.30am – food and sausage sizzle, cuppa and friendship. We have the Brisbane City Council biscuit/tea packs to accompany the invitation!

I include now a prayer prepared by Melbourne Diocese for strength and God’s peace through the pandemic of the virus.

With blessings for you and yours. Jan