Monday Musings 30th June 2019

Dear people of faith,
Exciting development with high school students and older: from Term 3, (21 July) on the Teaching Sundays of the month, the older children/youth are invited to form a group while the sermon time is on. We will meet in the Atrium and discuss the readings of the day, and look ahead to how we can become involved in the SpiritLife worship. Grade 7 upwards – please speak to me about this new venture.

Generous Hospitality – overflowing: The generosity of those who contributed to activities, worship, food and preparation for a wonderful parish time last Messy Sunday testified in itself to the amazing generosity of so many who donate and give resources to this faith community. THANK YOU! The example of generous hospitality and slowing down is constantly referred to in the life of Jesus. He used the opportunity of a meal time to teach; he consistently slowed down, often to pray. Sunday was a point in time where we did slow down to intersect with gratitude the blessings of being community and belonging to the community of Christ. [Jen & Jan]

As we now move into focussing on stewardship for the month of July, Messy Sunday has set just the right spirit for us all to contemplate our response of God’s generosity to our support of Christ’s church. The concept of GENEROSITY underpins much of the teachings of Jesus and this also includes money. Jesus speaks about money….. a lot. Statistics on the teaching of Jesus suggest that 1/3 centred on or alluded to money. Jesus knew that generous giving was a key in helping to spread his message. We are all now being challenged: how financially generous are you willing to be/ do you want to be? Please consider this prayerfully and deeply this coming month, as you commit your offertory for the coming year (Commitment cards are coming in the mail, for completion by 28 July).

Yesterday we welcomed Harry Peter Journeaux Harbison to the family of God through baptism, at Good Shepherd.

With blessings on you and yours for the coming week, Jan