Monday Musings 2nd December 2019

Dear people of faith,
The Advent season begins, this wonderful church season of waiting, anticipation, and focusing on the Jesus encounter in our lives as we reflect “how do we faithfully prepare for the
celebration of God amongst us?” Part of that preparation is joining in with gusto community events and carols – and this past week we thank the wonderful group of parishioners who have done this through bringing the first Christmas account to many young lives and others. We now look forward to Carols in parks, Good Shepherd & Holy Spirit.

Congratulations to Rev’d David Dean and Rev’d Graham Dorman – 25 years priestly ordination. We especially note David’s long term and wonderful ministry with this parish through that whole period, and before that time as well. I am also celebrating 20 years ordained ministry this weekend.

Parish Council update: We met this week, main item of business to consider the Technology and Communications (TAC) committee report regarding a new
approach to communication, including a new website. The principles of this new accepted strategy include:

 Clean, crisp, and modern image, appropriate to a Christian faith community wanting to engage with its local people, and present a ‘people community’
 Being Anglican a strong message, without taking focus away from the above
 Necessity of trained people to keep the website up to date, attractive and continuity of ‘image’
 Focus on appealing to the younger generations, and the mix of social media we have available
 To be seen as mission opportunity, community engagement and strengthening the existing community

It was noted, above all, that the main communication strategy for building a faith community is – ourselves! Nothing beats personal invitation and listening.

Sincere thanks for ten months hard work (and continuing!) to the TAC group – Margaret de Wit (Chair), Jan Crombie, Gary Kellar, Rebecca Chapman, Jeff Bradbury, Chris Bird.
Blessings, J