Monday Musings 5th August 2019

Dear people of faith,
Our intentionality in life of storing up “the good things” so often distracts us from the real treasure, our richness in life with God. The world creates anxiety, pressure and expectation in the
accumulation of ‘things’, not only for the now but seemingly for the future. Jesus is quite clear that ‘one’s life does not consist in the abundance of possessions’. In other words, God gives no recognition to such, God does not notice, nor know, us in that way.

The constant question and reflection for us…. of what then do our lives consist? Life in this faith community consists of, hopefully, the right balance of activity
and worship, doing and being, good works and discipleship. The balance is imperative, and we focused on this last week in Messy Church around the Great Commandment to love God and to love our neighbour. Always the heart of everything is love; we are called to love God back as indeed God has loved first.

We are called to be a grateful people for this; may indeed our gratitude this weekend overflow to all those who work tirelessly for the good of this faith community in the efforts especially of our major community/fundraiser event of the Booksale and market stalls. I am writing this before we are all exhausted! But I am hoping and praying it will be a wonderful exhaustion of
shared labour, community joy and indeed, of a welcoming to many on the Kenmore church site.

I encourage us all now to look forward to the significant Community Forum Sunday 18 August, “Loneliness and Community Engagement” that we are hosting. We have many community groups participating, and local politicians. Please come and contribute to how we continue to shape our neighbourhoods for the common good of all.

With blessings for your week; Jan