Monday Musings 8th July 2019

Dear people of faith,
Jesus sent out the disciples, in pairs, to go before him – so they were encountering people who had not yet met Jesus. It is like ‘Discipleship101’ training – take nothing with you but your heart for Jesus; invite people to meet him through you; and in the reality that any invitation means a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, be prepared for both responses and act accordingly. Wonderful training for ourselves as well! Remembering our responsibility is to engage and invite – but it is only God who gathers, only the Holy Spirit that invokes the grace to accept faith. Be of good courage and look for opportunities to invite people into the living relationship with Jesus.

Blessing of grants: The work associated with the grant for the Kenmore hall is now complete: new windows and louvres north, south and west; new oven, mended front door and beautiful refurbished floor. Thank you John Vickers for the work for the grant, and Jeff Bradbury and David Paton for supervision and associated work. This week we heard that Meals on Wheels have been successful in their grant application for new toilets/area in the lower hall, which is wonderful news.

Memorial Garden at Holy Spirit: You will now notice significant work has been done – we are undertaking ‘stage one’, as much as can be done with volunteer work and minimal cost. The plan for the renovated garden is near the entrance of the church – one day it will look like that! Please talk to me with any queries. We thank Graham Crombie, Ian Levack and Allan Bell for hard work this week.

Synod has come and gone – next week there will be reports available from your three Synod reps. This is the final year of representation for Anne MacRonald and Neville Eckersley – thank you both for your several years of participation.

With blessings on your week; Jan