Monday Musings

Dear people of faith,
The greatest promise from God is that God will always be with us. From the beginning that is the promise. In the person of Jesus Christ (Messiah means “God with us”) that is the
promise. In the coming of the Holy Spirit, that is the promise. When we are marked as ‘Christ’s own forever’ in baptism, that is the promise. It is the most reassuring reality of our lives.

When we believe, the promise not only lives but activates us into partnership with God’s Spirit. We wait now, in this Easter season, for the celebration of that Spirit at Pentecost.

The waiting, symbolically, begins on Ascension Day when Jesus leaves the disciples physically, with the promise of the Spirit to come.

It is an important day in the church calendar and we will gather in worship on Thursday evening 30th May this week at 7.00pm for Eucharist and to hear the Word at Holy Spirit. Everyone is welcome.

We were pleased to hear this week that the parish has been successful in receiving a grant from COTA (Council On The Aging) for $1,000 for the Community Forum on Loneliness that we are hosting on August 18th.  —during Seniors Week. Thank you to John Vickers for preparing the application, and to the A-men group initiative.

With blessings on your waiting time; Jan