Pentecost Pack

Welcome to the ‘Pentecost Pack’ – a wonderful array of activities in various forms for us to engage with through the week leading up to Pentecost Sunday. You are invited to read the stories relevant to the event, make items that remind us of the extraordinary coming of wind and fire, and be part of the wondering and waiting that the disciples entered as they prayed together that week.

What would the disciples have been wondering? Jesus had been with them after Easter, until his Ascension…. I think these things would have been on their mind….
• Would the promise of Jesus to be with us always, to the end of the age, come true?
• What form would this presence take?
• How would it come?
• What would its purpose be? ie, its main driver?
• Does that mean the ‘waiting time’ is over?

As we approach Pentecost, keep these wondering questions in mind – and look out for how the event of Pentecost answers all of them! We are preparing a great worship time for the celebration of Pentecost – so hopefully we will see you then.

Rev’d Jan


2020-Pentecost-Pack PART 1

2020 Pentecost Pack PART 2


Some thoughts from Jen

There is so much to learn about Pentecost and the hope is that we have given you some prompts to do just this in the Pentecost Pack. The Bible readings from Acts 1 and 2 are filled with information, drama, emotion and hope. Please take time to read and ponder. Please take time to create some of the symbols of Pentecost and to think about why they are significant.

It could well be a time to reflect on the fact that in the Christian journey, the three events of Christmas, Easter and Pentecost are paramount to one’s Christian faith. Perhaps it is time to think about the fact that these three celebrations form an intertwined trio. Christmas gives us the birth of Jesus, Easter the resurrection of Jesus and Pentecost the knowledge that Jesus, with God, will always be with us through the Holy Spirit. So this Pentecost , please “light up your home and your home front” with red, yellow and orange and proclaim to your neighbourhood that “God is always with us” and be confident in the fact that the coming of the Spirit moved the Christian church into the world. Let’s give thanks that we can be part of this.
Happy Pentecost!