Rev’d Jan’s Christmas Message

Christmas is coming ….. what difference will it make – really?

My friends would say – the difference is stress, in managing family, budgets, time and tiredness!  Somehow I don’t believe God means the celebration of Christ’s birth to be any of those things…. so perhaps we need to refocus on our understanding of why God would come into God’s creation as human life, beginning as we all do, birth through a mother.

A baby is easy to love – and a mother’s love for whom she has borne is unique in the whole spectrum of love.  Jesus began his life loved, and he came as God’s gift in love  – and he lived his life to simply show the enormity of God’s love for each human being, and indeed all of creation.

Martin Luther (German theologian, reformist, 16th century) called this verse from John’s Gospel 3:16 “the Gospel in miniature”….

For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son…

The spirit of giving at Christmas certainly continues –however, the starting point, like God’s, needs to be love.  Giving in love means we shouldn’t be stressed – we should be joyful.  Offering hospitality around table, as Jesus often did, should be a time and place of gathering in love.  Giving within capacity, and not presenting a false idealism of materialism, is part of living in the truth that Jesus always advocates.

Love is the greatest gift – try it this Christmas and see what happens!


With blessings for a wonderful Christmas time, with loved ones and in loving others;  Rev’d. Jan