Sunday Services Preparation

Dear People of Faith,

8am Prayerbook Eucharist
9.30am SpiritLife

We continue to take great joy in being able to gather in worship each week, around the Word of God and the Lord’s Supper. We do so in a continuing tentative world, still held in the terribleness of the COVID pandemic. Our prayers continue for healing and restoration.

Messy Morning happened with a lovely feeling of being able to worship with the good principles of an intergenerational approach. I really look forward to seeing you at SpiritLife this week with your Jesus eyes and Jesus ears! We are always called to see and hear as Jesus does, not necessarily the way of the world.

Good news for the call for an RI helper – Sam Gaffer-Mehdi. Thank you Sam! Rosemary and Suzanne are delighted with your willingness, and we thank you as a parish deeply committed to bring the Word of God to young lives.

Don’t forget – 5pm Contemplative Evensong on Saturdays, a quiet and reflective time. A reminder also about pastoral care …. Please let me know if you would like a visit, and if you would like home communion.

This Sunday we welcome Rev’d Jonathan to the pulpit at 8am, and then at SpiritLife 9.30am student Glynn and I will ‘unpack’ the challenge of living life in holy struggle! Yes, we have the Genesis story of Jacob wrestling with God! Please prepare for this Sunday by reading the scriptures for worship, and engaging with the wonderings below in “Connecting Scripture and Life”.


Genesis 32: 22-31 Jacob comes face to face with God, and wrestles with all that it means to be faithful and human.
Psalm 17: 1-7, 16 Is an invitation to experience the face of God in righteousness.
Romans 9: 1-8 Reminds us that living in faith is no assurance of a life free from grief and sadness.
MATTHEW 14: 13-21 The feeding of the five thousand – there is enough for all, no matter what the disciples think!


It seems to me the running thread of the scriptures this week is the ‘holy struggle’ of living in faith, in our humanness. We have to live with ourselves first and so Jacob’s wrestle is also with himself – as is Paul’s. Which is quite in character for Paul! The disciples struggle also with the generosity of God, in Jesus – like us, how can we see the world in such a way of providence.

Some further questions to ponder:
• What is our own ‘holy struggle’ that needs to happen for us to be awakened, like Jacob and the disciples, to engage in the full compassion of God?
• Who else in our life do we need to see ‘face to face’ to speak truth and move on in relationship and life?

This week’s encounter with the scriptures confront each of us with the deep call of awareness we need to enter a truthful relationship with Jesus Christ. May it be so for us all.

With blessings for the days; and ‘see you in church’. Rev’d Jan