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About us & who we are  ...

Life in a faith community is what we are all about! We welcome  all people who seek spiritual growth.

We are living out our faith – answering the call of 24/7, not just the Sunday worship day.


Wherever we are, we are Christ among others. We call it living in grace because we don’t always know what God will ask of us today in our encounter with others.


We do know we are called to serve because being loved by God first means we also are to love in that way.

We are a  COMMUNITY gathered around Jesus Christ.

We are a COMMUNITY seeking meaning in what life throws at us.

We are a COMMUNITY    encompassing all ages and stages of life.

We are COMMUNITY  – together we are   part of the wider community contributing to the common good in our neighbourhoods.

Logo | Kenmore Brookfield Anglican Church Parish | Brisbane
Kenmore Brookfield Anglican Church Parish | Brisbane | About us

We are Christian

This is our identity and way of life. It means we are ‘Christ centred’ and seek to live out his radical teaching in a world that doesn’t always like the challenge of putting God and others first. Being a Christian is not a religion as much as a way of living.

We are Anglican

This is the living tradition of how we worship. It is also how we continue to value the good things of our tradition while responding to our place in a world that demands adaption to change. This means we can be diverse in how we worship, including Prayerbook tradition, contemporary SpiritLife all age, Messy Church, contemplative prayer and music, and joining with community events and special occasions.


We are part of the Anglican Church of Southern Queensland

Kenmore Brookfield Anglican Church Parish | Brisbane | About us

We are intergenerational

Our faith and life approach in this parish is intergenerational. That is, acceptance and spiritual growth for all stages of faith, life and age. At the heart of this is our image of God – God doesn’t see gender, race, skin colour, mental health capacity, age, physical ability, bank accounts. God sees the intention of the heart.


Following this model we seek to discover the living word of Jesus Christ and grow in faith together, with hospitality and care for each other.

We are community connected

We all live as part of our community. We seek to connect that interface in ways that live out the great commandment “love your neighbour”.


The Parish is part of the 'Locals Connect' group and we have several community partners with whom we share aspirations for good neighbourliness.

Kenmore Brookfield Anglican Church Parish | Brisbane | About us
Kenmore Brookfield Anglican Church Parish | Brisbane | About us

We welcome all people to our Parish who seek spiritual growth

Our faith community comprises individuals and families from all backgrounds and walks of life. We have come to faith by many different paths and have found kindred spirits on the same journey.


We welcome all people who seek spiritual growth in the context of a joyful and caring community.

Have questions?

If you would like to know more about our Church and 'life in a faith community', please do not hesitate to contact us.


You can also read Rev'd Jan's insightful answers to the question "What is Christianity all about?".

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