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What we do ...

Our major weekly gatherings for worship are on Sunday morning every week of the year, where there are services at Holy Spirit Kenmore and Good Shepherd Brookfield. The Sunday Morning times can vary during the year according to seasons, so please check the Regular Church Services Program before you come, just to be sure.


The Holy Communion services at Kenmore and Brookfield are traditional Anglican church services which follow the Prayerbook, with well-known hymns and where Holy Communion is celebrated and shared together. At Kenmore, everything you need is projected onto screens, so it’s easy to follow and participate.


The second Kenmore service on Sunday is called “SpiritLife.” It’s an engaging all-age service which is very family-friendly and usually features a mix of traditional songs and modern Christian music. In the time of Covid, children stay in church with their parents for the whole service, which is aimed to be a maximum of one hour in duration. Once again, please check the Regular Church Services Program to confirm times.


We have a secure ‘playpen’ area set up within the church so our youngest members can’t wander off during services. No one will be worried about your baby crying – the sound reminds everyone we are a church of all ages, with a future!


On the fourth Sunday of each month at Kenmore, we enjoy gathering in “Messy Church” format. Messy Church is a popular style of worship found around the world where we gather (all ages together) around a Christian theme, enjoying craft activities, conversations, and times of celebration and hospitality! Read more about how we do Messy Church.


On Saturdays at 5pm, a ‘contemplative Evensong’ service is held at the Kenmore church. This is a quiet, traditional (non-Communion) service which encourages attendees to enter into a place of prayer and meditation through music, Scripture and teaching.


There is no charge for attending any of our services, though we will usually ask for donations during each service to cover our costs. The amount of each donation is completely up to you.


From Monday to Sunday, we are a faithful, passionate and adventurous church committed to serving the wider community and reaching out to the world with the love of Christ. Smaller groups (meeting during the week) offer an encouraging and nurturing place where members and newcomers can get to know one another at a more caring and personal level. Please head to our Social Group's page for more information..

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Where to find us ...

Our Kenmore Church is found down a long driveway at 1036 Moggill Road, which can only be accessed when heading West (outbound) along Moggill Road. You can’t see the church while driving along Moggill Road so look for the electronic billboard sign  and turn left down the driveway before you get to the billboard. There are obvious carpark areas down the bottom near the church itself.


The Brookfield church is found on the corner of Brookfield Road and Boscombe Road.

New to the Christian life?

Maybe you have never been to church before, or maybe you have in the past and it was a bit strange. We simply invite you to come along and try it out for the first time. We are a welcoming and inclusive community, made up of people who aren’t perfect but who strive to love and care for one another.

What does it mean to be a Christian?

Becoming a Christian means starting a relationship with God. What we mean by this is saying to God, “I have done wrong in my life, but I want to turn away from that and connect with you and know your love through your son Jesus Christ.” With that relationship in place, there is lots to do!


As an Anglican Church, we are part of the Anglican Church of Southern Queensland -, which is part of the world-wide Anglican Communion, made up of many national Anglican churches.


Some of the core Anglican beliefs are reflected in the saying “Scripture, Tradition and Reason”. This means that we take the Bible seriously, with an understanding that there are many different literary genres in the Bible and not every part is meant to be understood in the same way as every other part; that we take seriously the traditions of the Christian faith; and that we apply our intelligence to what we read in the Bible and what we decide to do as a result.


Click on this link - to learn more about our specific beliefs as an Anglican Church, and what we see as the “Mission” in which we are engaged -


You can find more information on our Faith Enquiries page.


We encourage you to explore the other pages on our website to find out about the whole range of interests that make up our church life. If you need more information of any kind, please use the form below, or just turn up to any worship service and speak with the priest afterwards.


We look forward to meeting you, getting to know you and supporting you in your journey of faith!

Have questions?

If you would like to know more about our Church and 'life in a faith community', please do not hesitate to contact us.


You can also read Rev'd Jan's insightful answers to the question "What is Christianity all about?".

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