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Faith Daily | 16 December 2021

PRAYER of the DAY - Advent Three APBA p 468

Almighty God,

you have made us and all things to serve you:

come quickly to save us,

so that wars and violence shall end

and your children may live in peace,

honouring one another with justice and love;

through Jesus Christ, your Son our Lord,

who lives with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

one God, now and for ever.


GOSPEL for the Day: Luke 7: 24-30

24 When John’s messengers had gone, Jesus began to speak to the crowds about John: ‘What did you go out into the wilderness to look at? A reed shaken by the wind? 25What then did you go out to see? Someone dressed in soft robes? Look, those who put on fine clothing and live in luxury are in royal palaces. 26What then did you go out to see? A prophet? Yes, I tell you, and more than a prophet. 27This is the one about whom it is written,

“See, I am sending my messenger ahead of you,

who will prepare your way before you.”

28I tell you, among those born of women no one is greater than John; yet the least in the kingdom of God is greater than he.’ 29(And all the people who heard this, including the tax-collectors, acknowledged the justice of God, because they had been baptized with John’s baptism. 30But by refusing to be baptized by him, the Pharisees and the lawyers rejected God’s purpose for themselves.)

GOSPEL Reflection: Contributed by: Michelle Chapman

John’s teaching was an alert for listeners to prepare their hearts for the message Jesus would bring to all people who hear, truly listen and believe. John prepared hearts to soften and be open to truly see Jesus as God’s son and the need for repentance and forgiveness through faith in Jesus.

Jesus tells the crowd that John was the messenger to prepare the way for Jesus’ ministry. Previously in v.22 Jesus told John’s messengers to report back to John what they had seen and heard including that the “good news is proclaimed to the poor”. What joy and blessing John must have known when the messengers told him this great news. Not only many healings but Jesus had gone to the people who lived without financial means; those living with fear, anxiety and daily worries.

These verses today also note “all the people ….acknowledged that God’s way was right, because they had been baptised by John” (v29). But, the Pharisees and the “experts in the law rejected God’ purpose for themselves, because they had not been baptised by John” (v30). Those who reject Jesus reject life on this earth with God’s love, care and forgiveness.

The message of salvation is seen in the baby Jesus at Christmas time. Baby Jesus was born in a poor shelter, on animal hay with his parents who believed and followed God’s vision for them. This Christmas let us all met Jesus again or for the first time and seek God’s plan for our lives. So we acknowledge Jesus is the Son of God, who accepts our repentance, forgives us and keeps us in His loving kindness every day and in every way.

FINAL PRAYER: Michael H Taylor, Christian Aid

Helpless God as child and crucified,

laid in a cradle and cradled on a cross;

help us discern in your submission

not weakness but the passionate work of love.

You tell us you are poor in every age:

naked, hungry, and without a home.

Help us in your poor cradle of today

to see what is of you and what is not:

that suffering does not often save,

or helplessness redeem our sorry lives.

And so forbid us sing when we should weep.

Yet come to us and all of ours,

O child of Mary and of God,

in all the poor who saw you first,

and laughed with you, and heard you well.

And now run back from nowhere with their news,

to plant their seeds of hope in our dry ground.


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