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Faith Daily | 25 September 2021


Loving Father,

whose Son Jesus Christ has taught us

that what we do for the least of our brothers and sisters

we do also for him:

give us the will to be the servant of others

as he was the servant of all,

who gave up his life and died for us,

and yet lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,

one God, now and for ever.


GOSPEL for the Day: Luke 9: 43b-45

While everyone was amazed at all that he was doing, he said to his disciples, 44‘Let these words sink into your ears: The Son of Man is going to be betrayed into human hands.’ 45But they did not understand this saying; its meaning was concealed from them, so that they could not perceive it. And they were afraid to ask him about this saying.

GOSPEL Reflection: Contributed by: Rev'd Jan

Fear. A powerful force. And for the disciples, and for most humans, there is fear about wondering or asking questions about the end time of our loved ones, and, indeed for ourself. The fear of death is a most powerful thing.

Were the disciples afraid because they didn’t want to know the truth? Or, perhaps, couldn’t make sense of it- as indeed how could they make sense of this Jesus, doing everything around a different way. I think the latter – we are told its meaning was concealed from them, and we discover that in the Gospels Jesus controls the amount of insight for his followers, to care for them in their learning and in their growing awareness of who he really is.

Key to this are the instructions of Jesus “Let these words sink into your ears”. Isn’t that also how we not only learn about faith and also become faithful? We let the Word of God sink into us, over and over, deeper and deeper, and, like the disciples we experience the ‘ah ha’ moments as we connect the love of God, the authority of Christ and the movement of the Holy Spirit.

The revelation of Jesus Christ is our lifelong conversion journey.

FINAL PRAYER: Jim Cotter “Unfolding the Living Word”

Living Presence,

the same yesterday, today and for ever,

whose presence we have lost

in a bleak despairing time,

focus our minds and hearts

on those memories of grace

that surprised us and lightened our burden,

so that faith may be kept alive,

hope may be rekindled,

and gratitude whispered,

even in the darkest night.

We pray this in the name of Jesus

and in the power of the Spirit.


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