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Faith Daily | 26 October 2021

PRAYER of the DAY - PENTECOST Pentecost 21

Almighty and everlasting God,

give to us the increase of faith, hope and love;

and, that we may obtain what you promise,

make us to love what you command;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.


GOSPEL for the Day: Luke 13: 18-21

18 He said therefore, ‘What is the kingdom of God like? And to what should I compare it? 19It is like a mustard seed that someone took and sowed in the garden; it grew and became a tree, and the birds of the air made nests in its branches.’

20 And again he said, ‘To what should I compare the kingdom of God? 21It is like yeast that a woman took and mixed in with three measures of flour until all of it was leavened.’

GOSPEL Reflection: Contributed by: Rev’d Josie

I smile every time I read this parable. Mustard was known as a noxious plant in the ancient Middle East, so Jesus is comparing the Kingdom of God, that which we all aspire to bring about, with a common garden weed. If you find some photos the word 'bush' is a bit of a misnomer - this plant grows as large as a tree and its branches are certainly wide and large enough to support a nest.

So the question which comes to me is, why would a man deliberately plant this weed in his garden? Is this question answered in the following words, that " the birds perched in its branches"? Imagine planting wallaby grass in your front lawn and then not mowing it because it's good for the bugs! I imagine your neighbours would think you were quite odd.

As the global discussion on climate change heats up (pun intended, sorry) it behoves us to consider again the impact of our life, work and ministry upon the natural world. Every decision we make, every dollar we spend, has an impact to some extent on the physical environment around us. While big industries are by far the most dangerous polluters in Australia, each of us has the potential to effect change in our own lives, with choices as small as bringing our own bags at the shops to potentially world changing decisions such as which political party we will support.

This is how the Kingdom of God grows - like a weed, stubbornly persistent in adverse conditions, resistant to efforts to eradicate, and of service to far more than just the human inhabitants of this earth.


Creator God, who placed this planet and all its resources into our care, encourage those who now remind us of our responsibilities, both to you and future generations, to do all that is necessary, whatever the cost, to save this world that we call home, so our children and theirs might not look back, both in shame and anger, at what we, in denial, have failed to do.


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