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Services 8 August, 2021

Ministry of the Word:
Pentecost 11 


The gift of lockdown can be ‘slow worship’; you are invited to ponder and pray the readings, prayers and sermon offered for this Sunday.  As we slow and focus on the Word, we will notice images and thoughts coming to us – don’t shut them out, invite the Holy Spirit into your being to bring to you the message Christ is bringing to you.  We thank Rev’d Sandra for the sermon; again, take the bread offered for spiritual sustenance in the focus on the words of Jesus Christ.


And keep hopeful – not only for short-term change to restrictions and returning to some semblance of ‘life as we know it’, but also hopeful for the enduring power of the love of God to penetrate this world and be the difference.


With blessings for this day and the week ahead; Rev’d Jan

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