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The loss of a loved one is always a time of great sorrow and often occurs when least expected. It is our calling to be ready to offer support and comfort in the following hours and days when thoughts turn to funeral arrangements.


Our Clergy are available to conduct Funeral and Memorial Rites in our Churches or at a selected Crematorium or graveside. We are happy to liaise with your Funeral Director in these matters.

Please don't hesitate to make any enquiries to our Office.

Kenmore Brookfield Anglican Church Parish | Brisbane | Funerals

A Funeral service may be held in either of our Churches - the Kenmore Holy Spirit Church or our heritage-listed Brookfield Church of the Good Shepherd.

Our Kenmore Holy Spirit Church can seat approximately 300 guests.


Our heritage-listed Brookfield Church of the Good Shepherd can seat approximately 70 guests.

Both churches have Halls that can be hired for post-Funeral hospitality.

Kenmore Brookfield Anglican Church Parish | Brisbane | Funerals

Memorial Garden

The Holy Spirit Church Kenmore has a registered Memorial Garden where the cremated ashes can be interred and a plaque placed on the wall.


This Memorial Garden is a peaceful, lovely area behind the Church available for visitation and contemplation at any time.


You may refer any enquiries to our Office Team 0458 075 377

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