Faith enquiries

From Rev'd Jan ...

Many people come to faith by simply asking the question ...

"What is Christianity all about?"

Our Rector, The Reverend Jan Crombie, provides her responses to this question.

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"FAITH is about what we believe and what we trust. Christian faith is about believing and trusting in God – who has created everything and loves humanity so much that God became human in the person of Jesus Christ."

"JESUS CHRIST is the Son of God, and therefore is God also. The unique characteristic of Christianity is Jesus and our faith in him being God. This is also part of the mystery of God because the Holy Spirit is the third “person” in our understanding of who God is. In the end, it is all about relationships."

"YOUR FAITH is your own because it is your relationship with God – so unique to you both. No one can say someone’s faith is 'wrong' because of that. However, we believe that Jesus asks us to grow and deepen in our faith and the best way to do that is in Christian community – through gathering in worship, in small groups, with others on the faith journey."

"QUESTIONS ABOUT GOD are part of all our journeys. Jesus himself welcomed questions and he is wonderfully invitational to all of us to 'come and see'. Just like him we in this faith community seek to create safe places of trust where we can all bring our uncertainties of life, our struggles, our questions, our ‘how can a good God let the world be like this?’ It is together that we learn from the God story and our own experience in how to continue on in life in hope."

"THE CHURCH is the people, the people who have made a commitment to travel this life in companionship with Jesus the Christ. Sometimes therefore the Church is called 'the body of Christ' – we are actually all he has to carry and live the story!


P.S. the Church is definitely not just a building, but the people of faith."

"PRAYER is how we connect with God. Conversation, contemplation, stillness, in art, in music, in the noise and bustle of life – we can talk/connect with God anytime, anywhere. In anguish, in gratitude, in wonder, in confusion, in anger, in pleasure. Prayer grows our relationship with God – we learn to listen to each other."

If you have any questions or wish to talk about any matters of Faith, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Blessings to all,

Rev'd Jan

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