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Mystic Series &
Quiet Afternoons

There are many paths to the awareness of God, the Divine, Enlightenment, and many lanes with each broad highway. Everyone welcome to Mystic Series, Quiet Afternoons.

Quiet Afternoons are scheduled for:

1.30pm Saturday 25 May 2024

1.30pm Saturday 8 June 2024

1.30pm Saturday 22 June 2024

Mystic Series:

1.30pm Saturday 10 August 2024

1.30pm Saturday 24 August 2024

1.30pm Saturday 7 September 2024

The Parables of Jesus.png

Quiet Afternoon

The Parables of Jesus

Presentation by Patrick Olivier

Jesus uses parables to surprise and shock us, to throw us off the usual ways of thinking about God, the world, others and ourselves. He knew the creative possibilities of parables for teaching; they challenge our soul.


This series of three Saturday afternoons will look at many of the New Testament parables from the viewpoint of the soul, to take us further than the customary and embedded ways of appreciating them.

Quiet Afternoons

Saturday 25 May, 8 June and 22 June

1.30pm to 4.30pm


Julian of Norwich

14th Century English Mystic and Anchorite

Presentation by The Reverend Sandra Kjellgren

Join us for an exploration of the life and theology of Julian of Norwich as we look at Julian – Then and Now – and ask ‘What does Julian’s teaching on The Mercy and Forgiveness of God have to offer us today?’

Saturday 10 August 2024

1.30pm to 4.30pm


National park
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